Stevia Liquid Drops ORGANIC (30ml) DR SWEET STEVIA

Stevia Liquid Drops ORGANIC (30ml) DR SWEET STEVIA
- Awarded BioNexus status by Ministry Of Science Technology & Innovation of Malaysia. - 100% harvested, extracted & refined from Stevia farms of SteviaSugar Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. - Certified Halal by JAKIM. - NO artificial sweetener & zero chemicals like Sucralose, Propylene Glycol, Aspartame, Saccharine, & Acesulfame etc.. - 0 Calorie & 0 Carbs. - Useful for diabetics & weight management. - Easy to use & conveniently carried around. - 1 drop = 1 teaspoon sugar.  Price: RM54.90 NOTE: Price not including shipping charges. Please contact us via WhatsApp and tell us your address so that we can calculate the cost. About SteviaSugar Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd : - Malaysia's pioneering Stevia-growing company. - Specialises in growing, harvesting, extracting, & refining Stevia rebaudioside plant for consumer-ready products and in bulk for food industries. - A BioNexus-status company, awarded by Malaysia's Ministry Of Science Technology & Innovation.

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